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Lammas and Symbols

The food associated at this time is apples, grains, breads and berries. Herbs and flowers is grapes, heather, sloe, and pears. Incense is Aloe, Rose and Sandalwood. Gemstone is Carnelian. This is a celebration of warmth and bounty and this is shared with friends and family. It would be nice to keep the seed of the fruits eaten during the ritual. Grow and plant these seeds as a symbolism of your love for the God and Goddess. It is nice to walk through fields and orchards, being near streams, river or anything that is shining with abundance. This is also a time for craft and sharing of talent as it is associated with Lugh who was a skilled God. In Medieval Europe, it was the time of craft fairs. Lugh has association for some people, as a patron of bards and magicians. This is the time that one can honour to hone a craft, or better still start a new one. As this is a time of rebirth and renewal, then you will promise to reveal your years work at the next ritual.


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