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Lughnassadh was the ancient Celt name for this time named after the Celtic God Lugh. Lammas comes from Anglo-Saxon Loaf Mass and celebrates harvest. This is the first of three festival that have a harvest theme. Loaf Mass is indicative of the harvest being of grains and corn. Calves and lambs are weaned and fruits such as apples, blueberries etc are collected and baked into a pie. Similarity can be made with this ritual and the American Thanksgiving. We are giving thanks to the God and Goddess for the abundance. This is the time of good fortune and therefore Lammas magic can be performed to enhance health, happiness etc. It also seems to be a time for lovers as Lammas Day is a popular time for Handfasting. Love spells performed at this time are also said to work quicker than usual. Fertility spells are also popular at this time, as even women who find it difficult to conceive are more fertile at this time. This time seems to be a strong combination of the fiery passion of the Fire element and the practicality of the Earth element.


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