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Mix basil and salt by 50/50 and sprinkle it around the end of your home for protection. It can also be used in a purification bath with epsom salts. Place some in your purse or pocket to attract money.

Blackberry can be used as a remedy of diarrhoea, and chewing the leaves for bleeding gums. Blackberry can also be used in money spells and its brambles for protection. It is sacred to Brigit and a pie can be baked for lammas to celebrate the harvest.

Black Cohosh leaves are used in love spells and can inspire courage when carried. Dried, taken even in capsule or as a tea, can ease the symptoms of menopause.

Bloodroot root draws love and sends away negativity, place flowers and leaves on the window stills and at the door for protection.

Calendula or Marigold can be added to a bath to gain the respect of your peers. Garlands on the door will stop evil from entering the home. Carry flowers in your pocket when going to court for justice to be served. Catnip tea is good for morning sickness.

Catnip is also used with rose petals in love spells. If it grown near the home, then it will encourage good spirits and luck. Use large catnip leaves in your magical books to give those words extra potency.


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