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Flower Power

Acacia: secret love
Agrimony: gratitude
Apple blossom: good fortunes
Arbor vitae: undying friendship
Bluebell: constancy of the heart, humility
Buttercup: childhood friendship
Carnation: pure love, devotion and dedication
Chrysanthemum: truth and honesty
Crocus: be cautious with my heart
Daisy: innocence, purity
Dandelion: flirtation
Forget-me-not: true love
Gardenia: happiness, joy
Geranium: I love you over all others
Honeysuckle: faithfulness and devotion
Iris: respect, honor
Ivy: marriage, fidelity
Lavender: distrust, a fickle heart
Lemon blossom: fidelity and faithfulness
Lilac: innocence, pure love
Lily of the valley: happiness
Magnolia: perseverance
Morning glory: flirtation, admiration
Narcissus: self-absorption
Orchid: rare and exotic beauty
Peony: shyness, bashful
Periwinkle: fond memories of past meetings
Phlox: a joining of two hearts
Rose: love (pink for innocent love)
Rosemary: remember me
Snapdragon: you presume too much about my feelings
Sunflower: all is not as it seems
Sweet William: a gallant and honorable admirer
Tulip: a declaration of love
Violet: faithfulness, dedication
Wisteria: welcoming a new person into your life
Zinnia: missing absent friends


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