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Blessings to the queen of the stars and moon, to your fruitful womb. Blessings to the Father of all things, that your seed brings forth new life. God of fertility, bring your children from the forests. Blazing Sun God and consort of the fruitful Goddess. Oh Lord of the Sun, burn away these hurtful things from my life, leaving my purified and content in your warmth. Great God I honour your strength as this is the point of your greatest power. Great Goddess and God all powers flow through you. Like the Phoenix raises from the ashes, let me be pure and new. Goddess may you bless and renew me. God may you bless and nourish me. As the energies of this time surround me, I celebrate the warmth of the summer. Lord Sun may you burn my troubles and cares away and cleanse me. My troubles will disappear thanks to the God and Goddess. My troubles will disappear thanks to the stars, moon and the sun. My troubles will disappear thanks to the elements. May the God and Goddess fill me with their energies on this magical day. I take the powers of this magical day to manifest my desires in the coming harvest, these are a completion of my degree, and a new career, a love that is worth of my heart, a place that I can truly call home and the continuing creativity that has been re-discovered. I am able and willing to allow these desire to manifest and I will play my put in this creation and miracle of life. So mote it be.


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