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Litha crush

Food associated at this time is anything that is ripe. This is the peak time for a lot of summer fruit and vegetable. It is also apt to have spicy food to honour the heat of the sun. Food that are gold, red, yellow and orange to represent the sun, or greens to represent the abundance of leafy greens. The green can also be a nod to the Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green, Green Lady and gardening Goddesses. These represent the green shoots and leaves and the abundance at this time. This is why if possible Litha should be celebrated outdoors and the celebrates should be clothed in shades of green. Maybe even have green leaves as a crown. There is also the seasonal myth of this time. This is the great battle between the Oak and Holly King. The Oak King rules from Yule to Midsummer and the Holly King rules from Midsummer to Yule. At Litha they will fight and the Holly King will “kill” the Oak King. This is then re-enacted by two males (although it is two women in my coven) as a piece of theatre within the ritual celebrations. The Oak King tends to be a younger fair haired male dressed in green, and the Holly King tends to be older with dark hair dressed in red. Again this has not be faithful reproduced within my own coven as the older person is the Oak King and vice a versa but has never affected the overall effect. Another piece of “theatre” is the building of a big bonfire as this is a fire festival. This is when offerings are placed or people jump the bonfire.



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