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All I do is borrow your treasured love.
You never want to give it to me.
I have to walk through the elements,
Hearty earth, running water, ruinous fire, essential air.
To get you to show me your exquisite heart.
And when I think I’ve reached my destiny.
You take yourself away from me.
To me you are a local God,
But you do not see yourself like I do.
You to me, are a pretty angel.
But you only see the agonising scars.
How do you see me, as a vixen?
Or as someone quirky and queer?
A cherished friend or a potential lover?
I want to chase you in the invigorating rain,
Or kiss you in the stinging summer sun.
To me you are paradise, my nirvana.
But your love is on loan, and not to keep.
This is a love that is borrowed,
And makes it a love that is blue.


Comments on: "Love Borrowed, Love Blue." (2)

  1. msladynicole said:

    This touches me! Its how I feel about some right now. I LIKE IT.

    • I’m glad you liked it, it is obviously what I’m going through at the moment, that feeling of being a part time lover. However as someone else pointed out to me, if you are to fight that hard for it, then is it love at all? I’m inclined to agree but that would not make as good as poetry.

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