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It was a golden summer that drunken night,
Who knew that we were on a march of death.
This was my judgement day, to be a hero.
The cards said you were my immortal.
Angel innocence to balance my devil.
Sick of feeling cold love in summer,
I mysteriously told you my thoughts.
A midnight tale of forbidden love.
Liberated by exciting drink,
I committed the ultimate sin.
At one minute to midnight, like Cinderella.
I changed your perception of me.
Feelings behind a wall of shadows.
I thought I’d timed it so well.
However, what happened next is a blur
All I remember is pitying eyes.
Your response became upside down.
But you treated the moment like an angel.
Now it is a moment trapped in a dream.
No amount of magic would bring clarity.
The relationship would have be draining.
Although my silent heart still beats for you.
Alone in the winter city of love,
No white magician could change that.
Therefore I’m grieving for what I said.
For when I sleep, my love, it haunts me
Cause I no longer remembered what you said.
Am I forgiven or are you still weary?
I want to take your hand and just say sorry.
Crazy feelings are taking over me.
Poisoned by my own indiscretion
I’ve stopped being a sleeping beauty.
On reflection it should have stayed in my head.
Drunk words may be sober thoughts,
But drunk words do not enter sober memories.


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