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The Message

Masked man at the ball,
No idea who I am at all.
I wonder if you know the truth,
Would you act so uncouth?
Amongst the twittering of birdsong,
Dancing with you should have felt wrong.
Bullets that are usually aimed at my chest
But dealing with them makes me the best.
Ill meet by moonlight, masked man.
Dancing the best you can.
You toast me over a chalice of mead,
And gave me a warning I should heed.
You must learn to love yourself.
Take care of your mental health.
Try not to surround yourself in sorrow,
As this clouds your beautiful tomorrow.
Take relief in friends you trust.
This, my darling, is an absolute must.
Take pleasure in the things you are good at.
Get yourself a fluffy white cat.
Once all these things fall into place,
You will return to the human race.
With a clinking of chalices, there was no more light,
A deafening silence and a darking of night.
It was as if the world skipped a beat.
A tickling from my head to my feet.
When the lights returned, the masked man was not there,
No chalice of mead, no wisp of a hair.
But his message I took to my heart.
Love me, each and every part.


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