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Save me from myself.

Joy is an endangered species,
I know I’m not the one he sees.
Not in the blackest night,
Or the sparkling sunlight.
No-one knows what happens in private lives,
Living on the edge of those proverbial knives.
I gave you my pretty pound of flesh,
All wrapped up in a bow and mesh.
As Blodeuwedd owl took flight,
My forbidden love went out of sight.
Dreaming of a bitter lullaby,
Silence essence of the word hi.
No body chooses to be a sinner,
Everybody dreams of being a winner.
I still believe in a serenade of sorrow,
Will make me fall into tomorrow.
Nightmares full of falling rain,
Scarlet roses scented with pain.
I already feel battered and too old,
Spent most of my life in the cold.
To save my sanity and twisted health,
I need to save me from myself.


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