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Only Fairies

The most common of fire fairies is Salamander, a fairy prized by the alchemists. It is seen as both a fiery lizard with six legs and as a bright flame, so bright that it is difficult to look at. It is believed that Salamanders are the spirits of the Earth’s core and leave the smell of Sulphur in their wake. Dijiin are “bad fairies” also associated with fires from the Persian lore. There are numerous sorts of will-o-wisp type fairies which include Ellylldan of Welsh marshland, the Teine Sith of the Scottish Hebrides, the Spunkies of southwest England, Le Faeu Boulanger of the Channel Islands, the Candelas of Sardinia, and the Fouchi Fatui of northern Italy, all of which led travellers astray. There are also several types of fire fairies that guard the hearth such as Gabija of Lithuania and Natrou–Monsieur of France. The Muzayyara are fiery, seductive fairies in old Egyptian tales; and the Akamu is a particularly dangerous fire fairy found in Japan.


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