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A sin that never sleeps,
A love that never weeps,
An innuendo never wasted,
A madness never tasted,
A breeze that is never ridden,
A faith that is never forbidden,
A play that never ends,
A pressure that never bends,
A hero that never learns,
A heaven that never turns,
Words that are never spoken,
Bullets that are never taken,
A memory that has never won,
A reason that was never done,
A mistake that never failed,
A seduction never paled,
A heart that was never fooled,
A life that was never cooled,
A feeling that was never missed,
A dream that was never kissed,
A sign that was never killed,
A woman that was never thrilled,
A song that never flew,
A man that never knew,
That he caused me to live,
With freedom that was his to give,
A death to set me free,
A rebirth to finally be me.


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