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Fairy of the pack

Fire fairies as well as representing the hearth or the stove, also represent fire element itself. Northern European Countries called these fairies drakes, salamander or dragons. There are only detected by the stench of rotting eggs or glimpsed as a fire-ball. This is when there are flying that they take on the features of a fire-ball with a tail. When they are in their “normal” guise, they look like small boys with a red cap and cloak. They are house fairies that keep the firewood dry and bestow the gifts of gold and grain on the home owner. This is a blood pact between the male of the household and the male drake. With this pact in place the drake will look after the home, barn and stable and make sure that the pantry and money chest is kept over flowing. They can travel at warp speed and can get something from the far ends of the world in a split second. All they asks in return is to be fed and treated with respect. If he is insulted then he will not stick around.


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