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Fairies tonight

A Phooka is a very elusive air fairy. He is a naked male fairy with the head of a goat. He is a fairy of great sorcery and glamour. A magic gift that is so strong only the truly innocent can break it. A Phooka enjoys seducing fair maidens with their glamour, enticing them to follow the Phooka to fairyland, where they can be tempted further with fairy foods and delight and sometimes the maiden is given a changeling child as a mark of the union of fairy and mortal. However, now that she has tasted the forbidden fruits of fairyland, mortal food will not sustain her, and it will turn to dust and she waste away. The Japanese version of an air fairy is a Tenyo. These are beautiful females with long black hair and pale white skin. The Tenyo has a hagoromo or celestial robe which allows her to go between the fairy realm and the mortal realm. Although  a fairy that spends its time in the clouds, it will return to the earth to have long baths at the base of waterfalls.


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