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Sylphs are air fairies and are usual seen on mountain tops. Their voices are mingled with the breeze and they can almost be felt as they flutter past. They are described in one of two ways, delicate almost invisible tiny winged fairies, or very tall with very large wings and angular faces. The term sylph is derived from the Greek word silphe, which means butterfly and are often depicted with butterfly wings. The Celts saw butterflies as spirits of fairies or ancestral spirits who guided them to the Underworld or the Fairyland. Ariel is king of the air element and therefore controls it. Shakespeare mentions him in The Tempest, saying his songs could bind or loosen winds, enchant or drive men mad. Zephyrs are another type of air fairy, these are guardians of the winds. Zephyr was the west wind, the son of Aurora, and the lover of Flora, it is the believed that this union of Zephyr and Flora that causes the flowers to grow. While some air fairies are embodiment of the air in general, some fairies are more embodiments of certain weather fronts. The Wind Knots or Folletti of Italy ride storms, the Guriuz bring good weather to farmers, Munya is the lightning while her brothers are the two thunders, the Salvanelli raise storms to ride on the wind and the Swedish Skosrå is a violent whirlwind.


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