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Undines are an elemental water fairy. Their magic comes from the water and controls its path and tempo. Undines are part of the water itself and can not be seen by human eyes. Their homes tends to be coral reefs, although smaller undines live under lily pads. Undines tend to be human in appearance and their are clothed in shimmery colours representing the colours of water with green being the overall theme. Every form of water has an undines within it, whether it is the ocean or a rock pool, even fountains and waterfall will have an undines within. Undines are not mermaids, who are half fish, half human water spirits who tend to lure seaman to their death. Breathtakingly beautiful human upper torso but the lower half being a tail of a fish. Seaman are often seduced by their beautiful song and this is what lures them to their downfall. These should not be confused with undines.


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