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Fairies is an umbrella term and they are many different types of fairies all with unique personalities. Here is an example of some of them:

Asrais are small delicate female fairy who disappear into a pool of water if caught.

Banshee is a female fairy that forewarns a death in the family with a cry that is not always terrifying.

Dryads are tree fairies that are usually associated with oak trees as the Druids turned to them for inspiration.

Elves are another name for trooping fairies.

Goblins are usually uglier fairies that are small, naughty and band together in groups as they have lost the ability to act independently.

Knockers (Bucca) are mine fairies that knock where there is rich ore to be found.

Phouka is a shape-shifting fairy that can take on the form of animals and are considered dangerous.

Red cap is considered one of the most evil goblin and his cap is dyed red from human blood.

Sluagh is the Host of the Unforgiven Dead or pagan ancestors and are Highland fairies.


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