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My Gothic Dream

My broken dreams are shattered on the floor,
You do not love the sinner in me no more.
I was your moonlight Cinderella,
You were my Gothic fella.
Under the veil of moonlight you said goodbye,
On a path way to Autumn you left me to die.
I wanted to be like you,
You wanted the same too.
But you abandoned me in the 12th hour,
Purple fairy dust has lost all its power.
A long way from my roots,
Despair down to my boots.
Like a black widow I was hollow hearted,
Like a dragonfly my heart departed.
No need to fear the reaper,
Exile is the greatest keeper.
So I bury you beneath my cold dark altar,
With a dragon reflection, I can not falter.
Papillon fill the skies,
Heaven’s full of lies.
Leave me alone with my broken dreams,
And before the return to the sunrises beams.
Chain forever my love,
Like an angel from above.
A lonely beautiful death is all that awaits me,
Free my soul and let me run completely free.
Forever in my Gothic dream.


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