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After Jeremy Paxman stated Happy Beltane at the end of Tuesday showing of Newsnight, it brings up an interest concept of celebrity “pagans”. A quick search on the internet has lists upon lists of speculative pagans but very few out and out pagan. Cybil Shepard’s name crops up become she thanked the Goddess during an award ceremony but has never said that she is and Fairuza Balk as she has at one point owned a pagan shop. Names of people who “dance to the beat of different drums” have been placed in the pagan camp such as Stevie Nicks, Blondie and Goldie Hawn but have never really indicated a belief in anything. Ultimately does it matter? Well yes and no, no because it is the individuals own choice to follow whatever path their choose and should not be categories by it. However, for the paganism, it might be nice to have some public endorsements to show how mainstream a religion it is.


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