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Strange superstitions

Today (Friday the 13th) is well-known for being an unlucky day but how many other strange superstitions are you aware of.

It is bad luck to allow someone to rest their foot on your chair while gambling and if someone attempts it then you can challenge them to a gunfight!

You should wear a piece of dirty clothing when gambling to insure luck.

If you are out fishing and at any point count the fish that has been caught then you will not catch any more.

It is unlucky to light three cigarettes from the one match. This seems to have come from the trenches during the First World War that a sniper would focus on the light from the match and by the time you have light the third cigarette it would have aimed and fired. However, I am not sure if this is a bit of an urban myth.

If you bite your tongue while eating it indicates that you have recently told a lie.

If your right nostril itches you will have a female visitor, if your left itches then the visitor will be male.

A knife placed under the bed during labour will ease the pains.

Some parts of Britain believes that eating a dogs tongue will cure ulcers.

If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of Autumn, you will not catch a cold throughout the winter.

Evil spirits can not harm you if you are in a circle.

If a pregnant woman steps over a grave it will cause the early death of the child.

If you keep a spider in walnut shell and have it around your neck it will protect you against the plague (rather the plague myself!).


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