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A Beltane Reaction

This is an ancient Druid fire festival. A myth for this festival is about the curse place on the land by Ceres when her daughter was taken by Pluto after being shot by Cupid’s arrow. Pluto was an underworld God that lived in Tarturus, a place full of evil spirits. It was thought if Pluto loved he would be nicer. Cupid was sent to make this happen. Proserpine crossed his path after being struck by Cupids arrow. She was then taken against her will to the underworld. Proserpine would be safe if she did not eat anything in the underworld but unfortunately she was not aware of this. Pluto offered her some pomegranate which is seen as the fruit of the dead and by accepting it, Proserpine was destined to live in the underworld forever. When Ceres discovered what fate had befall her daughter, she cursed the land. Plants died and the world withered. Eventually a bargain was struck that Proserpine spent six months of the year above ground and six months below ground. Therefore Beltane is seen as the reunion of mother and daughter.


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