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Beauty takes it all.

Samantha Brick has caused a lot of controversy by claiming that women hate her because she is beautiful. The backlash of negative comments to her seems to reiterate her thoughts. However, after watching her interview on This Morning, I do not dislike (hate is too strong a word) her because she is beautiful but because of her arrogance. I’d already be told off this week for being jealous of size 6 people with fake tits when I have a more naturally womanly body. And jealousy and hate are too different things. Yes, it is empowering to hear a woman that believes that she is attractive, as particularly in British society that we are not meant to blow our own trumpets. However, it should be confidence with a small c and not a capital c and claiming that ever man fancies you and every woman hates you is arrogance and this is probably the source of the hate and not her physical appearance. Below is the link to the original article that sparked the whole debate.



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