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I am sit here giggling like a little school girl over a youtube clip about face book if it was created in the 90’s. And it is a great feeling, laughter really is the best medicine, (sex coming a close second!). This year so far I have been plagued with depression causing me to spend more time in my home then actually leaving it. However, through humour and positive reinforcement from friends I am feeling “funny” in the good sense of the word. Now you can argue until the cows come home on what is and is not funny, but personally if you find it amusing and is not malicious, then it is humour.

However, keeping humour to yourself is nonsensical, to make the pleasure last it should be shared with others and I am still talking about humour! What I love is that others are also watching that youtube clip and they are finding it amusing and then it may eventually reach someone else that need cheering up. People are always quick to judge the internet as a source of bile and anger but it is also a source of happiness and it can also be a place of help and it can happen a lot quicker than it would without the internet. Sometimes humour marks us from others, they is nothing more thrilling than saying a line that people who share the joke understand and nothing more annoying when you are the person that does not know what is going on. Humour is also a part of a time and of a place and something that was funny may no longer be and something that is funny now may not be in the future. Anyway here is the link to the clip that started this whole blog in the first place.



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