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Maybe a Pooka

A Pooka is a creature from Irish folklore, one of the many that are worshipped and feared by those that believe in their existence. In Wales it is known as a Pwca and in Cornwall a Bucca. In the Channel Island it is known as Pouque and in Brittany it is known as Poulpiquet. The origin of the name is believed to have come from the Scandinavian word for “nature spirit” – Pook. The Pooka is seen as either a benefit or hindrance. Fairy mythologist Thomas Knightley  said “notions respecting it are very vague,” Croker quotes a boy living near Killarney that “old people used to say that the Pookas were very numerous…long ago…, were wicked-minded, black-looking, bad things…that would come in the form of wild colts, with chains hanging about them.” and that did much to harm unwary travellers.


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