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Don’t is so yesterday

Don’t was the only word I knew
Don’t want to eat
Don’t want to drink
I could not get back on my feet
I’d reach the limit of no
Don’t want to sleep
Don’t want to dream
I was in a crumpled heap
I’d lost the sight of the stars
Don’t want to be in
Don’t want to be out
Suicide is the ultimate sin
I was drowning in sadness
Don’t want to be alone
Don’t want company
Nowhere was my home
I was slipping down fast
Don’t want to cry
Don’t want to smile
I just don’t want to try
I was caged in my corner
Don’t want to be sad
Don’t want to be happy
I was just feeling bad
I was low on time
Don’t want to live
Don’t want to die
I had nothing left to give
You would not give up on me
You gave me all in just one night
I don’t think you realise how
You propelled me into the light
Now I want all the good things in life
What more can I say
Thank you for just one night
Don’t is so yesterday


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