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Today is exactly two years that I become single and this is the longest I have been single since I was 15 which is half a lifetime ago. Lately Artemis the chaste moon Goddess has been “following” me around. While I know drawing on her strength and female independence is what I need at this time, I do feel a little awkward “worshipping” her. Not only becomes I’m so far from being chaste I’m on a completely different page, but the fact that she is not part of my pantheon seems “wrong”. The first equivalent I though of was Arianrhod, who women draw on for female power, and also sex and fertility magick. However, her harsh treatment of her son Llew, makes me a little uncomfortable and as I already “worship” Bloduewedd who also hurt Llew maybe “worshipping” Arianrhod as well may cause Llew to “hate” me. I’m sure that when I found the strength I will know.


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  1. If you’re looking for a virginal, chaste Celtic deity you may be looking in vain. Those qualities were not ones which appear to have been in the least bit valued in ancient British societies.
    For interesting deities I suggest the bear goddess Artio who, as you will not from the name, may possibly have roots with the Greek bear goddess anyway. Continental Celtic, but as there were once bears in this country too she may have been known over here at some stage.
    Speaking as a polytheist, I have no issues with straying outside of my regular pantheon when one or other deity calls.

    • Maybe you are right stepping out of my pantheon is what I need to do. When I first left the ex I came across an Artemis chant but did not feel right at the time. Maybe it is worth exploring again.

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