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Diana is the Roman Goddess of the moon and hunting, the counterpart of Artemis. She is the twin sister of Apollo, a Goddess of the woodlands, and all grove are seen as sacred to her but especially oak groves. She is often depicted as a young hunter with a bow and arrow. She was seen as a general Goddess of nature and fertility. She was worshipped by woman and helps during child-birth. As she is a moon Goddess she is often associated with Selene and Hecate. She is a virgin and chaste Goddess, making her the maiden in the trinity along with Egeria, a water nymph and Virbius, a woodland God. While she was worshipped in ancient times, she is still an important figure today. In Freemasonry, she is a symbol of passionate creativity of poets and artists. She is also the heart of an all-female Wiccan tradition known as Diantic Wiccans.


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