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Fuel on the fire

This is a post that could go on forever but I will try not to. It is the story of Zachary who at 5 have been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. As I live with a transgender individual and it is something I’m interested in understanding more. However, at 5 do you really have a concept of gender? When I discuss this with my flat mate, she indicates that she has no memory of being 5, never mind feeling that she was trapped in the wrong body. For her once puberty happened and her body did not develop the way she hoped for then she thought that she might have been born in the wrong body. It is nice to see that both Zach parents and the school are positive but I’m a little concerned that the health professionals have diagnosed this child so young. Is this just a phrase? On This Morning they had a debate between a woman who had a “tomboy” phrase and a mother who son is now her daughter at 8, and it was interesting the difference experiences and the mother explained that she knew it was not a phrase due to the suicidal tendencies and I think in that case it seemed very obvious that this was a case of GID. However, at the end of the day, I do not know these people’s lives but maybe splashing it all over the front pages of the newspaper is not the way to “talk” about this.


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  1. I found Simone de Beauvoir’s writing fascinating on the subject of gender and identity. Though coming at it from an existential point of view, and starting off the second wave of feminism, the book The Second Sex is really interesting, viewing people as both subject and object. It was one of the first works to distinguish between sex and gender, I believe.

    • Yes I know of her work “one is not born a woman but becomes a woman”. Judith Butler is another person who does not equate biological sex and your gender, but her work is very difficult to read. She follows Foucault’s belief that sexuality is power and that institutions control this. Like Foucault, she goes about to academically that makes it difficult to de-tangle what she is saying. The Second Sex, or to a lesser extent Germaine Greer the Female Eunuch is much more approachable.

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