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This week the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has released its tenth edition of their annual report on the state of Britain’s mammals. This also coincides a milestone of a million being raised by the Trust itself over the decade. The report that was done in conjunction with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at the University of Oxford which has looked into the welfare of the mammals and if previous set targets have been reached.  The report shows that four of the mammals placed on the danger list in the mid 1990’s, otters, water voles, pipistrelles and greater horseshoe bat have achieved and exceeded their targets. However some species are still declining. These include red squirrels, Scottish wildcats, mountain hares, harvest mice, hazel dormice and in rural areas, hedgehogs. The report also looks at invasive species, diseases, reintroduction, and environmental management skills. Jill Nelson, CEO of PTES comments: “Whilst we are celebrating the £1million that has benefited endangered British mammals such as the hazel dormouse and water vole, we cannot be complacent about the ongoing threats to our wildlife. At PTES, we hope to bring about positive change for our threatened wildlife and natural environment, but this year’s retrospective edition of the State of Britain’s Mammals highlights that there is still more that we can do in the future to help.” Sometimes I wonder if we are so concerned about the animals of other country that we forgot about our own. Lets not let this beautiful creatures disappear.

For more information use the following link: http://www.ptes.org/index.php?news=157


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