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As we come up to Midsummer it is the time our thoughts turn to fairies, or a least mine does. Fairies are one of the many mythical creatures that I believe in. Fairies is an umbrella term to apply to a wide range of metaphysical and supernatural beings. The word fairy is believed to have links to an old French word, faerie, which means land and the Latin word Fae, which is a derivative of Fates and therefore seen as a guardian spirit. The word fey originally meant ‘fated to die’ and therefore is not relevant and may have been a mishearing of the word fay. The most general description of fairies is a human form with magical powers. However, where this perspective has come from is unclear, theories ranging from dead souls to fallen angels. Some people believe that they may be a conquered race that went in hiding or religious belief that has lost it meaning through Christianity. Personally I believe that fairies are the embodiment of nature.


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